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  • James James Feb 24, 2010 19:05 Flag

    Why is it...

    Very well put again..... this muppet just won't stay down no matter how many times he embarrasses himself.

    AND once again, you have failed to come up with 1 DECENT reason as to why YOU hate us.... All that you have mentioned is that people do not like fat, ugly or smelly people, and that this is the same with united fans..... Well speak for yourself. Personally, i will not have a problem with someone because they are fat or because they are ugly.... but perhaps that is just the kind of negative, always looking to put someone down, person that YOU are. Obviously YOU will dislike someone because they are ugly.... or because they support united.. .IGNORANCE is the word i am looking for (or is it childishness, perhaps BOTH)
    How can someone go through life with so much negativity. He does not have anything good to say about anything. This is probably why he is on our board as no one else around his own area wants to listen to him either. Ultimate ABU, you really are boring, negative and clearly alone in life.............. but thanks for the entertainment.

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    • @Bevra

      I couldn't even be bothered to read your rant of yours, but keep biting away my little fishy, it makes me smile to know I wind you up so much.

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      • @ABU that's great.... It's probably in your best interest that you don't read it. You would only come back with another immature post that has no relevance to the post that you are replying to...

        Also, you make a lot of spelling/grammar mistakes yourself for someone who likes to point out others mistakes.... the only difference is that when YOU look back at YOUR posts you STILL can't see your mistakes.... but don't worry, no one expected more from you...

        thanks again for the entertainment though