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  • The Londoners The Londoners Feb 25, 2010 07:32 Flag

    A Clean Up's Needed

    I'm Arsenal through and through But......
    I'm going to have to clean these boards up as it leaves a really bad taste in the mouth, not to mention the bad smell left behind by goons from the Arsenal board and others from this board. But I don't believe its all the fair weather fans and fake posters fault. Perhaps a change in both teams coaching staff and management is needed, the place is beginning to smell of Gaulloise tobacco, Haggis and whisky, garlic and cheap French wine. Give us back the smell of over ripe warm Brown Ale, a changing room that smells of honest sweat and not Cologne. A Woodbine fag constantly lodged in the side of shift workers gob as he yells ' move your bloody arse Wayne', and managers who liked a pint with the boys after the game, and yet still produced some of the finest players in the world whose names are legend. If it wasnt all about money today you couldnt tell me that players would be all that keen about high fibre and rabbit food for a diet, and a training regime that leaves more players crocked in the game today than ever before. Today they may be faster, but not durable, and certainly not more talented than players of the past. 'Black is black, We want our football back' should be the new song on the terraces.

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