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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 12, 2010 20:33 Flag

    Hargo missed reserves game AGAIN.hahaha

    teeny2tiny.....it is fans like you who really do show how sad and immature you really are... First of all, matter who they are or what team they play for,it is not acceptable to celebrate a player having a serious injury. If u hav EVA playd the sport urself then u wud appreciate that,but my guess is that you havn't.
    Secondly, this is an english player who was voted the fans player of the tournament at the last world cup!!!. So i am struggling 2 c why you are so happy that he may still be injured and unable to play in this years world cup....
    Think before you speak in future...... it may save you from embarrasing yourself again.
    Over and Out.

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