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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Mar 22, 2010 02:37 Flag

    United - The ONE Man Team.....

    ....I give you Darren Fletcher!!!

    The boy once labelled a 'donkey' by so many here has completely OWNED Gerrard, Fabregas and Lampard and co this season, not to mention every other decent midfielder thats been unfortunate enough to lock horns with him.

    Forget 'he plays on the left, he plays on the right'....this lad plays EVERYWHERE!!!

    Truly inspirational performance from him, Gerrard was in his pocket all game.

    He's not got the goals Rooney has in recent weeks, but his performances have been every bit as good. Today though he was head and shoulders above everyone on the pitch.

    I dread the games now when he doesn't play, he's THAT important to us now, and hopefully this will be no more evident than the next time we meet Barca!

    Would he have been allowed to develop into a world class player the past two seasons, if Hargreaves hadn't been injured for the duration?

    Just something to ponder...

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    • Hmmmmmm ..........nope.

      Never heard of him.

      I thought your brother in law was Frodo Baggins?

    • Ah , so you obviously know my brother-in-law then pixie .Gordon Miller.

    • I have met Liam Brady in person and i have no doubt it was a moving experiance for the GREAT man Gollum and one he will never forget.

      I actually have a great fondness for the Oirish people and always have had.

      Some of you do take things just a tadd too seriously you know.

    • I like it how pixie takes the piss out of Irish people . He obviously doesn't realise that one of the greatest, no two of the greatest Irish players played for his 'beloved' Arsenal, although he does have problems about what time they actually play their games. Ever heard of Liam Brady , and Pat Jennings pixie ? Isn't one of Arsenal's owners American pixie ?

    • I answered your question two or three posts back you infuriating love sick puppy dawg you!

      I tell thee you may well be my very very very very favourite Oirish Catholic trap driving horse whipping caravan squatting Dolly Parton loving "D..I..V..O..R..C..E" singing Tarmac laying donkey shagging bestest loved mate in the whole wide world but you are trying the patience of a Saint Mate!

      That said i still bloody well love the bones of you maaaaaan!

      Come Come now William stop dreaming of potatoes and answer me true.....

      Are you....or are you bloody well flamin not.........OWNED by at LEAST Three fat Americans??????????????????????????

    • question still not answered you silly plonker pixie.

    • I Always answer any question directed my way with COMPLETE HONESTY as you jolly well know already my very very favourite Oirish Catholic trap driving horse whipping caravan squatting Dolly Parton loving "D..I..V..O..R..C..E" singing tinker linker friend little Willy, so stop your teasing you love sick fool and give old Fabby a great big slobbery man hug!


      And pray do tell.....................Are you OWNED....by a ....fat American?

    • For once Pixie answer the question i asked you.

    • Oh come on little Willy, as mates me and you can have a laugh my favourite Oirish Catholic trap driving Horse whipping Dolly Parton loving caravan squatting bloke and all i am doing is pulling your Whippet shagged leg after all.

      I come here because of all the good folk with warm hearts and welcoming smiles such as your good self and you of all people jolly well know it so stop playing games cos i get all embarassed you little tease you!


      Love you maaaaaaan.

      Now then...

      Are you .............or are you not ..............OWNED by three fat Americans???

    • As usual Pixie never answers the question.

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