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  • jul jul Mar 25, 2010 23:10 Flag

    penalty kick bought and paid for......

    question ..is it against the rules to lay hand on, pull back another player? ....Yes mascherano knew that when he started pulling on valencia at what point did it stop being foul play? was it still foul play as they entered the penalty area ? and when fighting against being pulled back doesn't it usually lead to over balancing? yes therefore your lack of reasoning is flawed ....numpty

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    • you're entitled to your opinion , as is everyone , but a brutal
      mistaken call for a penalty when clearly only a free kick was
      warranted is always going to result in controversy. you lot
      were gifted an undeserved goal......and it effectively changed
      the match. deny it all you like but you know its the truth.

      where do you suppose that the accusations of blatant favoratism
      come from regarding referee's track record at Old Trafford? been
      too many of these calls year after year after year.

      video replay would solve this straightaway. refs need this
      tool to avoid any more match-altering fiascos.