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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 26, 2010 00:27 Flag

    penalty kick bought and paid for......

    you're entitled to your opinion , as is everyone , but a brutal
    mistaken call for a penalty when clearly only a free kick was
    warranted is always going to result in controversy. you lot
    were gifted an undeserved goal......and it effectively changed
    the match. deny it all you like but you know its the truth.

    where do you suppose that the accusations of blatant favoratism
    come from regarding referee's track record at Old Trafford? been
    too many of these calls year after year after year.

    video replay would solve this straightaway. refs need this
    tool to avoid any more match-altering fiascos.

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    • "where do you suppose that the accusations of blatant favoratism come from regarding referee's track record at Old Trafford?" - now that's a difficult one. Let me think ... could it be from ABU twats like you?

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      • Saw this on Opta the other day:

        There was a penalty at both ends in Arsenal's game vs West Ham this weekend, highlighting a curious trend for penalties in their games. Whilst the Gunners have been awarded notably more pens in the last 5 seasons than their big four rivals (34 - Liverpool + Man Utd 27, Chelsea 24), they have also conceded more (20 - Ch...elsea + Liverpool 14, Man Utd, 13), as refs in their matches are often quick to point to the spot.

        Looks like we've not been paying as much to refs as we should've then, doesn't it!

        I think it was a wrong decision at the weekend, should have been a free kick, but you can only tell by looking at the slow motion replays, when the ref has to make a decision without anything but his first impression.

        We got that decision going our way which added another 2 points to our total, meaning we are now 1 point ahead of Chelsea. On the other hand, had the ref at Stamford Bridge in November made the right decisions, we'd have come away with a win. That would have meant we'd have 3 more points and they'd have 3 less.

        If the refs had got both decisions right, we'd have got 4 points from those two matches rather than 3. The top of the table would look like this:

        United: 70
        Arsenal: 76
        Chelsea: 75
        Spurs: 55
        City: 53
        Liverpool: 52

        Bring in video technology and we'd still be where we are now but with less ABU muppets posting bile on these boards.