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  • Sean N Sean N Mar 23, 2010 11:55 Flag

    Is Mourinho the wrong man to succeed Ferguson?

    Some thoughts.

    There is a lot of speculation that Mourinho is in line to take over at OT when Ferguson decides to step down, and that time may come soon as Ferguson will be 70 the Christmas after next. He is not going to go on forever and someone has to to be in line to succeed.

    Mourinho has made it obvious that he would like to return to management in England, as he is unpopular with the Italian press and the other teams and managers, and despite his success with Inter-Milan the Italian league can't compete with the English and Spanish leagues at the moment in financial terms.

    The main arguments against Mourinho becoming the next manager of Manchester United seem to be based around his abrasive reputation and his style of play. Some think that a home grown manager should succeed Ferguson, and Moyes, Martin O'Neill, Mark Hughes and even Keano have been mentioned.

    Regarding his reputation, Real Madrid, Liverpool and Manchester City will ignore it if he becomes available, while Ferguson, Wenger and Benetez have been no angels in that department.

    Regarding his style of play. I seem to recall that Mourinho's Chelsea midfield included Robben, Duff, Joe Cole, Gudjohnsen, Lampard and Essien supporting Droghba up front. If players of the calibre of Rooney and Ronaldo had been part of that team would it now be considered defensive, and a strong and robust defense and midfield have also been part of United's tradition.

    How many titles and cups have all the current home grown managers excluding Ferguson won in England or Europe, and how many has Mourinho won?

    How many of the best players in the world would want to play for Manchester United if David Moyes was manager, and how many would want to play if Jose Mourinho was manager?

    Every Chelsea fan and practically the entire Chelsea squad would love Mourinho back at Stamford Bridge. Liverpool probably can't afford to offload Bentitez or afford Mourinho's ambitions, but City and Real Madrid would pay him a ridiculous salary to do what he could do at United. I can't see Mourinho going to Real considering their reputation with managers, but I would just hate to see Mourinho going to City and then doing to United what he did with Chelsea over Arsenal in London.

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