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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Mar 27, 2010 21:18 Flag

    Michael Carrick....

    Anyone else think we are missing out here big time, I mean even though he's been in great form recently, its not been anything special has it?

    Just want to get the general consensus here on the issue....

    My expert analysis (forgive the rant, Im hungover!).....he doesn't exactly spray 50 yard passes around onto peoples toes likes Scholes, he support the strikers in attack or arrive late in the box like Scholesey used to, he's no Makelele defensively and is not exactly crunching in the tackle, he's not really box-to-box and he doesn't even create much in the way of goals.....he's kind of like our Gilberto Silva, or worse, Denilson, you know, the guy with the best stats in the league last season, and even Gooners realise he's total sh*t!

    OK, so Carricks not sh*t, and isn't detrimental to the team like the insignificant dweeb mentioned above, he's better than Lucas and Aquilani put together....he's a decent cog in the team, and we'll never be a one man band like the Dippers or Francenal....he keeps it simple, he passes the ball much like Keane used to, but Keane did MUCH more too, Carrick doesn't, so is it wrong to think that with the right creative player here, we could go up yet ANOTHER level?

    Imagine we had Javier Pastore for example (Argentine wonder kid we let join Palermo) there alongside Fletcher, I reckon even Gibson would be better, at least he threatens the goal (not that I think he's the solution)!

    I still hold out the hope of Fergie playing Anderson in this attacking position and seeing him come good, but I think in most games its clear, we need a play-maker in the central midfield position, I think this is a priority over left wing, its a 'core position', what do you reckon?

    I shouldn't need to point out why Park isn't the answer, loving him FINALLY being played centrally by the way, but he'd probably be better suited taking Carricks position in central midfield alongside Fletcher....but just watch today where the creativity comes from, who the players give the ball to make something happen.....Valencia wide right (who the opposition is starting to double up on), Rooney (coming deep) and Fletch (who is improving here, but will never be his greatest strength), tell me Im wrong!!!

    Now just watch Carrick get 2 assists and a goal today...sods law!

    P.s. opposing opinions always welcome, but for those precious simpletons amongst you who can't hear a bad word about any United player EVER, or like to use the term 'everyone thinks their a manager', do us a favour and f*ck off, Cheers!

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    • I can spot plastic a mile away and this prcik is your classic case. Clogs of rival boards non stop with his horsesiht when a result goes his way, then dives into some sihthole somewhere like the coward he is when it doesnt. Prciks like this are the reason so many ABUs exist. End of.

    • Lol, my mistake, but I thought you were talking about him as if were going to play a 4-4-2, in which case I don't think that would be good, since he would leave the midfield empty. But at the top of a midfield triangle, he could be great. Carrick does the job against a lot of EPL sides since they don't press him and are pretty tactically crap. I think the midfield you've suggested below doesn't have enough creativity. For example, I prefer Carrick in the midfield as opposed to having both Fletch and Hargreaves. I just think we should get a similarly defensive player to Carrick, just better!! At least in a technical sense. It makes me angry when journos say he is a 'great passer' without qualifying this as long passing when he's not pressed. His short passing is average, and he's not at all agile. He often drops so deep because most teams don't press that high up the pitch, so he's not exposed. Banega is better than him, and though a head case, Argentines in defensive positions seem to do alright in England. He's Valencia's most important player this year, linking defence to attack.

    • When I suggested Pastore, it was for the attacking position Stefan!

      I'd rather see Park in Carricks position to be honest, just for sheer work rate, and I actually saw him make more defensive interceptions than Carrick the last two games whilst playing a more advanced role!

      Im not sure about Anderson with his off-field problems and inconsistent form, if he'll even get the chance next season, and like Jim says, Hargreaves returning is a big IF...but how about this....





    • Legend, meant to reply to this way sooner, I was gonna say that you're suggestion about Pastore is a good 1 potentially, you just chose the wrong position! He would be our attacking midfielder-personally I hope for 1 of him, Hamsik or Gourcuff (doubt we'll get him). I've changed my mind again. The player I'd like to play in the Carrick position (with the clumsy Carrick as a squad player) is Mr Banega from Valencia. Obviously he hasn't scaled the heights of the Barcelona playmakers, but he could be described as a more aggressive version of a young Xavi. Carrick again showed what happens when you give him no time or space. Against decent midfields which decide to press him, he is found wanting every single time, because of his slow feet and poor close control.

    • goodness, you're an ugly-looking c*nt, aren't you? jose hopes that that isn't an actual picture of you on your profile... what a vile visage.... a mug like that only a mother could love... obriado!!

    • Just like the Barca final and Liverpool recently, against a top midfield that presses he is found to be out of his depth.

      Glad to see that this thread has been justified!

    • What a total waste of time he was even being on the pitch last night, and as ever, contributed nothing for the team.
      A top class midfield MUST arrive in the summer, with the very average Carrick on his way out.
      Here's hoping!

    • been saying all season he has been crap-tonight just proved it...get rid of him and take that pr.ck berbatov with you..not the first time i have said this but it seems you cannot critisise any utd players no matter how crap they are..berb nice touch etc..carrick good passer of the ball etc,,neither are good enough to play for utd just been honest THEY AINT GOOD ENOUGH......simples.. rant over!

    • Especially for the torres goal

    • I keep forgetting about Hargreaves!

      I think the team have only settled into this formation the second half of the season, so would be interesting to see how Anderson slots in when he returns (and given a run like Nani), either alongside Fletch or that tip of the triangle role.

      4-4-2 with Rooney alongside Berbatov didn't work well, but even with just Berba leading the line and no Rooney in the side we look a real formidable and compact unit in this formation. I think it makes Carricks life a lot easier myself.

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