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  • i am leaving these boards, and going to a united only 1 tho,

    im sure my underpants will be continue to be worn by the usual people but hope to see the likes of gordie, gordie, gordie etc etc over there


    ps, anyone notice our curl P is missing and dont furget i am the hardest and most intellygent man in the hole wide world

    pps, i'll cum back on here after a few weeks of pretending to be a woman in a fake yahoo id like i said id neva do and have always denied doing but im a liar pml pml pml rotflmao lol lol lol im so funny

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    • ps, you can report gordies to their isp and gordies cant use any of the free emails like yahoo, google, gmail etc cuz their isp says so, you have to use the isp email, its to stop gordies using multi-id and to report them to their isp if they are posting via their isp or spamming with their isp
      so abu free lads and you can report them to their isp and their isp will tellthem off for not being as intellygent as me in my underpants and you can tell it to their isp tho.