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  • jim w jim w Apr 4, 2010 21:17 Flag

    Sunday's Thoughts

    Good questions Robert. My opinion is that United struggle against sides that nullify our strength out wide. Our central midfield is not strong enough to' force' the play against the very best teams. I thought we might struggle against Bayern because of this, but was surprised how well Chelsea's reserve fullbacks dealt with our threat, albeit Nani was brought on too late. Malouda and Cole kept our fullbacks occupied and pinned back.
    United don't have proven young talent coming through in central positions. Anderson has not developed as hoped and the likes of Gibson are not top class. Hence my observation that Rodwell and Milner might be good acquisitions in positions where there is not an abondance of proven talent elsewhere. And rather than 'hope' a foreign acquisition will work, where frankly none have before for United in these particular positions.
    United's squad is not old overall, but there isan age gap between players Fergie seems to trust and the rest.

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