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  • willthered willthered Apr 4, 2010 16:29 Flag

    Sunday's Thoughts

    Jim, i think Rodwell would be an excellent acquisition but not sure about Milner,cole coming on a free might just be capable of taking on the Scholes role but we have Anderson returning from injury who if he gets his attitude right could still become a star.
    Provided Hargreaves does come back strong then we might have Cleverley coming through next season to challenge for a place.
    Rafael now needs to push on and make the right back spot his own as Gary is getting exposed by pacey wingers and our wide right player is having to spend too much time helping him out.

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    • Yes, most of that is possible. But you have to admit there are a lot of 'ifs' there. If Anderson, if Rafael, if Hargreaves...
      I think there is a consensus that says Rodwell would be a 'good idea'. I can see little downside on taking Cole on a 'free' if possible. Milner is very versatile. Doyle would probable be happy to be a 'bit' player behind Rooney. We need a fit proven striker who can play the lone role upfront. Its too much to ask of Macheda etc. Owen and Berbatov for different reasons are just not that sort of player. I somehow doubt that even if 'a Villa' could be persuaded to come to Manchester they would be happy to play 2nd fiddle to Rooney. Doyle ( don't know why I typed 'Davies' before) has performed this role admirable this season.