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    Value of United = Hamburg + Roma + W.Bremen + Marseille + B.Dortmund + Shitty + Newcastle

    Well Well Well mmmmm at least we do not gloat for nothing poleni wengine.

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    • I'm not sure these figures are terribly meaningful. Valuing a business is difficult and arbitrary at the best of times and the most straightforward of businesses. Football clubs are the least straightforward of businesses and these are not the best of times. If you operate football clubs on a "value = sum of assets" or "value = sum of discounted profits" basis then you are likely to get something like the Glazers who seem to want MUFC to be a cash cow. However if you operate them on a "I'm a rich man and I want a big toy to feed my ego" basis then you're likely to overpay and make losses for years (Chelsea, NUFC, many smaller clubs around the country).

      It's quite possible that whatever valuation method you do you would end up with MUFC being the "most valuable" of them all. But it's not clear to me that a valuation of £1.2b makes any sense as an investment. It might make sense to someone with more than a couple of billion who wanted their name in lights every week and didn't care how much they paid to get it there.

      Which is why United fans would probably want Chelsea's ownership format just as they want Chelsea's old manager.


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      • Bayern and the German clubs in general are a 'third way' ( if you will pardon the expression). They are neither in debt nor the plaything of a sugar daddy. A perfectly attainable model for United and other English clubs. However like the UK economy in general, English clubs are addicted to debt, it will require a painful readjustment to attain this state.

    • Please add a couple of ton of horse manure to the right hand side of your equation, then you are spot on!

      Cheers & Upyours

    • Yes Martin, so while you gloat on about how much Man U are supposedly worth, the Glazers will be rubbing their hands together knowing fine well they are set up for life and can ask for a ridiculous amount of money if they want to sell the club.

      They're laughing all the way to the bank, they can keep flogging a star player a season to pay off the interest on the loans and keep draining the club for everything else it's worth whilst leaving the football club itself in debt! ROTFLMAO

      Red Knights, hahahaha who are they going to get to front most of the cash then, Micheal Knighton yet again? LOL

      Manchester United OWNED by the Glazers FOREVER! HAHA

    • Which pushes up the price Glazers might want and makes it harder for groups like Red Knights to raise funds.

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      • I very much doubt that the Red Knights can meet the Glazer valuation.

        A more likely buyer is Saadi Gaddafi, as in 2005 he was prepared to offer 350p per share, but was held back by Tripoli politicos. And, yes, he is the son of Colonel Gaddafi, and has resumed his interest in United as Libya have come in from the cold in diplomatic terms. Also the Gaddafi family have football connections (Juventus)....

        The idea of Colonel Gaddafi in the VIP box at OT might seem a bit weird, but that's big business football for you!