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  • seven of eleven seven of eleven May 1, 2010 04:37 Flag

    Liverpool showing how perfetic they are LOL !

    It will show how sad and perfetic they are ,they cant win nothing or compete with the big boy's.So they want to throw the game against Chelski just to spite United winning there 19th title throw there toy's out the pram.It really dose not bother me United will only be a matter of time till we win our 19th they will not be winning any title's any time soon.I can onestly say if the shoe was on the other foot United fan's would not be saying they will throw the game cos we are winners every game no matter how little it means want to win espeshially at your home ground.It's not our fault they are a mid table team now who everyone has forgotten about LMFAO throw the game scouser's or show you are as modest and passionet and fighter's that u claim u are Lol !

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    • What a lot of sh1te you talk, you @r$hole.

    • Gerrards..Bac..or whatever your stupid name...

      You beaten up any more Old ladies lately...or s*hot anyone .

      Thats what you Sc*umbags...do.

      F*uck...where are my car wheels...!

    • Ultimate..p*rick...with the little d*ick.

      Whats up...ugly feeling unloved................!






      ROTFLMFAO that 7 or 11 is as thick as two short planks!

    • United are living on an inflated dream bubble that will go 'POP' at any moment. Too many PIGS with their head in the trough SLURPING at your wine and filling their pockets with your DIRTY cash.


      You think a scarf is going to change ANYTHING? PMSL!

      Is ANYONE still BOTHERING to bloody turn up with one of those RIDICULOUS things around their necks anyway?

      Do any of you actually ATTEND the games?

      Do any of actually herald from SCUMCHESTER??


    • you will NEVER be bigger than united all the time you got a hole in your arse and "the way united are going"
      what the same united that were written off at the beginning of the season, the ones who would not be challenging for the title....................................er, remind me where we are again, still challenging for the title despite and still won a trophy, it might not be the most prestigious, but it beats only having the emirates cup to show for the last 5 years,

      ftr i take chelsea to win the league, just like i stated at the beginning of the season(check back) but we surpassed expectations so im very happy as we will strengthen next season and bounce back, so it might be a blessing if we finish 2nd,

    • " (.ex spelling..nearly as bad as mine...) "

      I'm not really surprised by this 7/11, you mancs really are ILLITERATE muppets !!

      ps how did your team do against Chelski at OT? That sort of destroys your argument don't it!

      Keep crying boy.

    • Wow A thick manu supporter, you could play for the team. Buy a dictionary dopey.

    • Sorry seven, but that was a load of rubbish. What Liverpools fans may want to happen and what the team and players will actually do are two different things. Liverpool fans would accept the loss to stop us winning the title, but the players are professionals, they are paid to win, and it is what is in their nature to do. I don't believe for a split second any of their players will walk out onto the pitch at Anfield for their last home game of the season and want to do anything other than win the game. I don't see a result other than a loss, but not because they are throwing the game, but because Chelsea are a better team in far better form with far more at stake in the game. All of this conspiracy theory stuff of Liverpool laying down for Chelsea is just tabloid nonsense

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      • As a Liverpool supporter I can agree with you Steve - it's not a case of throwing the match, that would never happen.

        Sometimes you have to face reality and admit we do not have the resources to compete with the likes of Chelsea - they have also had a clear week and have a big squad to choose from.

        I think the previous poster is the one throwing his toys out of the pram & needs to realise that Sunderland and/or Stoke might make the argument academic.

        Having said all that I think we are quite capable of beating or drawing with Chelsea.