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  • It was NOT a penalty at all, watch the slo-mo and Kalou kicks his own foot.

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    • Its a hard one. I thought Lucas made contact with his right leg first which knocked Kalou off balance before Kalou kicked his own leg also. My instant reaction was penalty. I don't think Kalou dived (not that time anyway!). Glad it wasn't given as it keeps Liverpool in the game. They don't look like they have a prayer of scoring though

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      • My first reaction was stonewall penalty. Then the replay showed Kalou kicked himself and I thought it wasn't a penalty at all. Then when they showed it at halftime and you could see Lucas knocked his right leg which caused him to kick himself which caused him to fall over I decided it probably was after all.

        However, we have had much more blatant penalties than that not given us in more needed times this season. I have come to the conclusion that penalty decisions end up just being a lottery.