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  • Chelsea won both those games with goals that should have been disallowed. They`ve had the rub of the green, especially today when they played a time who weren`t bothered if they lost.

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    • The winning goal in the first match is contentious. It could have gone the other way. To say it *should* have gone the other way is to rather overstate it.

      In the second match our second goal and your goal should both have been disallowed. That leaves us winning the match 1-0.

      You have also had decisions you didn't deserve giving you points, including penalties against Arsenal and Liverpool. And we've had many decisions not go our way over the season. It is not clear (to me) that we have been luckier than you with decisions. It is clear to me that although I think Chelsea should have had the league wrapped up weeks ago, our failure to finish off some weaker teams and your doggedness has ended up with you very nearly winning it, and you deserve credit for that.

      And you may even win it yet.


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      • have to lean towards your view robert, we have both had luck,go our way, and have got away with it too, and i do believe it evens itself out over the season, also it is our doggedness and refusal to lie down that we are still in it, as you said you could have wrapped it up by now, but we have kept digging away and its nice to hear a rival fan give us credit for that, miracles can happen, but i cant see you letting it go now as you have been on the losing side on the last day before and im sure you will not want to experience it again, and if you do win it, you will have earned it, and fergie will be the 1st to congratulate you, with me 2nd but until then, there is always my magic lamp lol

      • What a patronising sod you are Robert.