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  • When someone`s in a hole you can rely on Drogba to keep digging on their behalf: He`s quoted as thanking Gerrard for giving chelsea the confidence to go and win at anfield. The last thing Gerrard needs as he tries to persuade the world that it wasn`t a deliberate mistake is a chelsea player making clear just how important to the game that mistake was,

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    • carlsberg - probably the seventh best beer in Liverpool

    • You (United fans) are obsessed with this record, and probably rightly so. However, it probably doesn't register at all with most Liverpool players or management. Eric gets closer to the truth below - they simply had nothing to play for at the end of a disappointing season. By contrast, Chelsea had everything to play for. You could see it in the energy of the chasing down and the waywardness of Liverpool's passing.

      Plus we were the better team, of course.


    • The tiredness argument doesn't wash because if you are 'up' for a game then your whole attitude is different. Look at Spurs who had a long FA Cup semifinal yet came back to beat Arsenal and Chelsea.

      Liverpool are just a pale shadow of their former teams; no heart, no passion. They knew 7th place is safe and couldn't be bothered to raise their game. If you are happy with that then so are we - long may it continue.

    • Liverpool lay down, like the pathetic club it has become , because they were upset that United might pass their 'record' Fair enough, I think most United fans knew it would happen.

    • You were commenting directly on my last posting. If you can't read, comprehend, write or spell correctly , why post at all?
      You give the impression of being a very silly person.

    • Devon - you seem obsessed with the littlest things about Chelsea games to get upset about these days, and start threads over.

      If you're bothered about Drogba's comment are you also bothered about Fergie saying Gerrard gave Chelsea a "gift"? You can be sure wouldn't have said that if, say, Carvalho, had set up, say, Rooney in the same way.


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      • Robert, it was a 'gift'. I don't know whether it was intentional, but I do know that Gerrard had no shots on goal and did nothing to 'make up' for his 'mistake'. The Liverpool team didn't throw the match, but I'm not so sure about their captain. The difference between the attitude of Sunderland and Liverpool was stark.
        However United didn't lose the title this weekend, they lost it at OT against Chelsea, so well done to your team. Just hope your players haven't mentally 'won it' already before meeting Wigan, its funny how things happen!

    • Let's hope Hull beat Liverpool, so they don't even qualify for the Europa cup . "

      Ian, you pillock, we qualified for europe yesterday when everton failed to beat stoke.

      liverpool qualified for the europa cup because man united won the carling cup.
      in our shadows indeed

      18 + 11 + 3 =32 united
      18 + 7 + 5 = 30 loserlot


      20 years since league title
      NEVER won the pl
      7th in the league
      only in the c5 cup next year THANKS to united


      cheers mate

    • What do you mean the real thing? The one sat in the Anfield trophy cabinet by any chance??

      The same one you won in 1999, by any chance??

      That's why, Ian, you are in our shadows!

    • Did you ? Congratulations for sneaking in the Europa Cup by the back door. Not like the real thing though , eh ?

    • " Let's hope Hull beat Liverpool, so they don't even qualify for the Europa cup . "

      Ian, you pillock, we qualified for europe yesterday when everton failed to beat stoke.

      Why are you so stupid?

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