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  • Layla Layla May 3, 2010 22:04 Flag

    A good premiership season

    thats my point. i dont think bayern are very good & they knocked u out. if u think bayern are great then thats up to u. but i think they are an average team.

    also i think chelsea were poor against inter & played no where near as well as they could. the same could be said for utd.

    i think u both under performed in the CL this season.

    but if u think utd played as well as they could then thats up to u, & same for chelsea.

    but i bet a lot of chelsea & utd fans feel they should have played a lot better.

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    • 'thats my point'. What did I write that corresponds to that statement? Bayern are not poor. They will most probably win their title as probably will Inter, as will Barca. With the exception of Lyon ( who were only there because of the all-French QF), these 3 teams were the ones competing with United and Chelsea in the later stages of the CL. With the possible addition of Madrid these are the top sides in Europe. There is absolutely no justification for your comment about 'poor teams/performance'. You clearly have little understanding of football.