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  • A Yahoo! User May 11, 2010 02:43 Flag

    Ferguson's Obsession with Liverpool FC

    Tut tut Chris...........the standards here have certainly dropped if you think you can pwn me with such a pathetic response!

    Or should that be............perfetic !!!!!!

    With our record in Europe ( 5 - that's FIVE- European Cups, 3 UEFA Cups, 3 Super Cups), we can afford to take a more relaxed view of the odd loss.

    Been there, done it, FIVE times in fact, and got the Cup. WHERE'S YOURS ??!!!!!!!

    Maybe that's why fergie put off his retirement..........perhaps he would like big ears in his trophy cabinet too?

    hahahahahahahahaha................. IT AIN'T HAPPENING !!

    SLAP !!

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    • F*cking hell Dogs, that was p*ss poor by your standards, thats the sort of weak, asinine reply we've come to expect from Pixie!

      Everyone can see my one post has knocked you flat on your backside, you're a Europa cup side now, and you can't even win that!!!

      Torres off this summer?

      Rafa staying??!!

      Gerrards losing the plot, and after begging Chelski to save him TWICE, now he's angling for a Citeh move.......what a loyal CAPTAIN!!!

      PURE COMEDY - and a GREAT consolation for us ONLY winning one trophy this season!!!!


    • Glorious history, but a shameful 7th spot for Liverpool and ANOTHER blank season as well. You should shut up.