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  • Clive Clive May 14, 2010 05:53 Flag

    John Terry, and England

    Terry has had a bad year in his personal life, first was the issue of him shagging anything that moved, and now we find out his dad is drug dealer.

    I hope his luck gets worse, I hope he gets injured in the FA cup final, the reason for that is that Bridge won't play for England with Terry there and England have pleny of top quality centre defenders, but now only one quality left back.

    I also find it a bit strange that only 3 keepers were in the provisional squad and only 5 forwards, and that Ashley Young was not included, not only has he had a great season but it leaves us with no natural left wingers, he put Joe cole in, even though he has been injured for most of the season and only played a bit part ion the last few Chelsea games, maybe Capello foolishly will go for Cole on the left as England managers have done in the past, with Cole being right footed and having to keep coming back onto his right foot all the time; Capello has made some strange decisions.

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