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  • These NON-musical instruments will not only spoil this year's World Cup, but they will damage the reputation of the World cup going to Africa.

    There are many more African musical traditions that could have been promoted but these stupid items (marketed only in the late 1990s by unscrupulous entrepreneurs) will drive many of us away, from the lesser games to start with, and all the big games as we reach saturation point.



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    • You're right. 10 minutes of SA vs MEX and I'm sick of them already. Can't imagine how bad it must be in the actual stadium.

    • Flower of scotland refers to the 10,000 invading English Knights that died at Bannockburn, how an act of self defence can be insulting defeats me. and seeing as your throwing university into this it probably shows you spent far to much time in the boozer than getting educated

    • When the Roman troops under Titus destroyed Jerusalem and its Temple after four years of war in 70 ce it must have been clear to all Jewish contemporaries that something very important had happened; but they certainly could not know how definitive the demise of the Temple and its priesthood was to be. According to Rabbinic legend (B. Git. 56a-b), Yohanan ben Zakkai left the city when it was still under siege and was brought before the Roman commander Vespasian, who granted him permission to settle in Yavneh and to teach the Torah there. This story may be considered the foundation legend of the Rabbinic movement.It is almost impossible to reconstruct what really happened. It is most likely that Yavneh was a kind of internment camp for Roman prisoners of war. There, Yohanan assembled a group of like-minded people to study Torah. In order to meet as a study-group, they may have needed some permission, but this certainly was not an official Roman authorization of the Rabbinic movement that was to arise from these beginnings. Roman authorization may have been needed later when the Rabbinic group was to assume some kind of national leadership; but this was still a long way ahead. Only decades, even centuries, afterwards, these small beginnings at Yavneh could be recognized as the foundation of a lasting and important development.It is common to speak of Pharisaic-Rabbinic Judaism

    • Biblical Jewish History
      The period of Jewish history designated by some historians as "Biblical Judaism" is the centuries covered by the narratives of the Tanakh, from the creation and primitive history of mankind to the last of the prophets in the 4th century BCE.

      The Tanakh tells the history of the Hebrew people from a religious viewpoint, beginning with the creation of mankind and ending with the words of the last of the prophets in the 4th century BCE. This period is often referred to by scholars as "Biblical Judaism." The Tanakh follows the Hebrew nation as it experiences cycles of favor and discipline by God. {1} God establishes successive covenants with humanity (Adam, Noah and Abraham) and issues an extensive set of laws (through Moses) by which the Hebrews are to be set apart as God's people. When they stray, God sends prophets and invading armies to bring them back to himself. "It is this particular claim-to have experienced God's presence in human events-and its subsequent development that is the differentiating factor in Jewish thought." {2}

      Lots of people claiming to be from certain lands have never set foot there, just think of the Irish ! Or again as our ABU friends say, United fans and Old Trafford lol

      When do you think the first Jews came to be ? Prof. Out of interest.

    • But then, I did refuse religious education at school, and refused to sing songs like Jerusalem, and Onward Christian soldiers, which I found was almost brainwashing .

    • I know it says something like, Jerusalem, on England's green and pleasant land, or words to that effect;

    • Quick history lesson for you Ian h (not Ian Harris!)...

      There were NO Jews in Jerusalem before Muslims or Christians, because the word 'Jew' did not exist until the late 18th century....and that was as an abbreviation of the term Judean, and refers to a resident of Judea, without regard to race or religion!

      There were Pharisees there, they practiced what is known as Judaism toay.

      The Eastern European Jews of today however are Khazars, and their ancestors never stepped foot in 'Israel'.

    • "And drove Edwards army"

      Which is normally preceded by a large "England" shout.

      Yep, their "beautiful" national anthem is purely about rising up against the English.

      I hate God Save the Queen though. It's every bit as nationalistic.

    • Flower of Scotland is solely directed at driving Englands armies away, like an ABU does not support their team , rather hates United. But its also not their national anthem .

      Do you want to talk about school again ? Or maybe Uni ?

    • you obviously don't know the words of the hymn ..which tempts me to ask where did you go to school ??

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