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  • Don't you boys and girls worry now, we're gonna scrounge around and pick up the odd player on 'frees' this summer, while we sell off uniteds assets bit by bit until we get this debt under control, you just keep listening to fergie, he's not lying to you at all.


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    • 'Haute Comité de la Langue Française'

      Only you could have got that so wrong slayer.

    • "I have BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance degree"

      You can't even say it right slayer .... did you get it from the same shop you got your "A" in English?

    • "there is little difference between the economics of the two clubs. Both owners are seeking return on their capital, the Glazers are doing it very openly via their debt structure, but you can guarantee that Abramovich will ask for it in his own 'Payments in Kind' " I would beg do differ Jim, the main difference is, Roman's loan is interest free while yours isn't. We all know how much your interest payments are, it's no peanuts.

      But I do agree with other things you said, Roman will ask for it back...sooner or later.

    • What did I just say, it's well documented that Roman's loan is interest free. Big difference, we only have to repay the capital.

    • 4 (FOUR) posts in the last half hour and no mention of "slayer" in any?

      You're doing very well..... keep it up! Ian Robert H.

    • But I do, as a United fan, thank all you rival fans worrying so much about United's finances. It warms the cockles of the heart.

    • "...I know what I am talking about.

      Why should ... tax avoidance arrangements ... minimise their liability to the exchequer? "

      If you knew what you were talking about you would know the answer to your question. Since when did tax avoidance become wrong?

      "Don’t we all have a duty to pay our fair share of tax?"

      What does that mean? Seriously, what is anyone's "fair share"?

      People have an obligation to pay whatever the law says. No more, no less.


    • I'm trying to show you that your stance on 'tax avoiders' is from an ABU viewpoint and that what you are complaining about is typical of others, including Liverpool footballers.

      If you are too thick to understand that then OK.

      And you think you have wit? It may come as a surprise to you, but you don't, not one ounce of it.

    • Seems all you can do is plagiarise peoples posts and, oh, that's right, you haven't a thought of your own.

      I forgive your lack of originality, it isn't written in 'Haute Comité de la Langue Française'.

      I see you are copying and pasting by the squares in your post, how about some wit of your own, or a few pertinent details to back up your post beaky?

    • Actually I posted on this thread about 41 minutes ago. As I am an hour ahead of the UK I had had enough last night.
      If a corporation follows the due process allowed to it under various tax legislation and minimises its bill then it has dne exactly what a shareholder would expect. Avoidance is perfectly legal. If the UK or US decides to change its tax legislation to close what it perceives are loopholes then that of course is what it should do, and corporations/individuals will respond accordingly under the new laws.
      I fail to see what your personal qualifications have to do with this.

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