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  • Robert M Robert M Jun 21, 2010 22:20 Flag

    Kaka's second yellow...

    ...was a complete joke. I don't imagine it will be overturned and the Ivory Coast player get a ban for cheating.

    Will the incorrect banning of one of the game's most exciting players cause FIFA to change their stance on sensible video technology? Well, I'm not holding my breath.


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    • only when the world of football stand together and review all games after for dives fake knockouts falls and submissions and give culprits bans will it stop......a 6 match ban for clear cheating would soon stop it.... whilst there at add to a ban for the " what me? I never did a thing" performances.
      trouble the authorities will alway bow to the we only have 5 players left on the pitch moaners

    • The refs need to start giving cards for acting, trying to get a player booked, pulling shirts at corners and free kicks, and any other form of cheating, Rooney and Beckham both got sent off because players were acting as if they had been shot.
      It is a game for cheats at the moment, certainly at international level.

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      • Clive, you were doing brilliantly up to the word "Rooney", at which point you presumably let your club loyalty get the better of your sensible sentiment.

        Rooney and Beckham both committed blatant red card offences right in front of the referee. They were stupid to do so and can have no complaint at their red cards. And in the case of Rooney's card, how do you behave when you get a kick in the balls?


    • I actually think the Brazillians got what they deserved, even if it was the wrong player.

      They were falling over at the slighest touch and screaming blue murder. Look at when Lucio caught his foot, or Fabiano got any sort of contact.

      Kaka will sit out the one game, I bet.

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      • The itv commentary team were totally wrong to claim that the Ivory Coast player deliberately ran in to Kaka - if you look at the replays he is looking the other way so unless he has eyes in the back of his head he wasn`t aware that Kaka was there. Also totally agree about the Brazilian players throwing themselves, around having said that they were not as bad as the Italians against New Zealand especially when they were losing. I felt really sorry for the New Zeland striker who by halftime was afraid to jump for the ball cause everytime he did an Italian defender claimed he had been elbowed.