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  • Robert M Robert M Jun 22, 2010 17:22 Flag

    Kaka's second yellow...

    Clive, you were doing brilliantly up to the word "Rooney", at which point you presumably let your club loyalty get the better of your sensible sentiment.

    Rooney and Beckham both committed blatant red card offences right in front of the referee. They were stupid to do so and can have no complaint at their red cards. And in the case of Rooney's card, how do you behave when you get a kick in the balls?


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    • So, how many times has Terry escaped with handballing, and other fouls in the area robert ? Now don't let club loyalties get in the way , eh ?

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      • rooney & beckham got sent off for being stupid.

        both were clear red cards. both players should have more professional & not lose their temper.

        but i agree football is emberessing to watch with all the diving, play acting & injury faking.

        both calavarho & simeone(i think it was him?) made the most of it. But all i can say to beckham & rooney would be"an argy & portuguese player making the most of it & trying to get u sent off. shock horror! use your brain & il u will realise if u give them a reason to get u sent off they will cheat & do it!.

        i understand your point clive but beckham & rooney have to take responsibility for being stupid & wound up by the cheats.

        i actualy think kaka was stupid for getting involved with all the handbags despite being 3-1 up & game over.

        we need to have a system where u can give a player a yellow card after the match for diving, faking & cheating.

        i know its a bit soft to start with but it will help get the players in to the habit of not cheating or else.

        for example the ivorian who held his face when he was hit in the chest would be given a yellow card to his name after the game.
        these yellows will mount up & in some cases they would end up with a red after the game because they finished the game with 1 yellow.

        if we go back to the eduardo diving incident which was a clear dive by the way. it was illogical to give him match bans because how can u give match bans if they spot the dive after the game but just a yellow if its during the game.
        so they should have just put a yellow card to his name for diving.
        its not just the yellow card he gets but also his name will be shamed by being found guilty of fouling.

        so fifa/fa/uefa will have a panel who decide if it was a dive or cheat etc &then release a statement that the player was found guilty of cheating/diving etc & a yellow card is added to his name.

        i dont mean every little hint of cheating will be judged. obviously just the more obvious cheating acts will be judged.

      • Try not to be a tit all the time. When I come out and say that "Carvalho might have maliciously kicked him in the balls but he over-reacted so Carvalho shouldn't have been sent off" then accuse me of club loyalty. But when I point out Clive's absurd defence of two blatantly guilty United players is just that - absurd - is the wrong time to jump to his defence.