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  • stefan t stefan t Jun 27, 2010 00:03 Flag

    If we got rid of Berbatov....

    And shipped in Suarez/Aguero, perhaps we might still have what could have been if the partnership between Rooney and Tevez had been allowed to blossom....

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    • I wouldn't want either Stefan, but I wouldn't mind Forlan back!

      Like Steve said, I also dont think Berbatov is going anywhere just yet, as much as I'd like him to. Shame because I think there will be plenty of clubs interested, it may be a matter of admitting defeat for Fergie, or biding his time as some of the young strikers come through.

      Macheda is not going out on loan now, I think Welbeck and Diouf will, so we're well stocked up for the season with Rooney, Owen, Berbatov, Kiko and Chicharito, and Josh King on the cusp of things can't be far away from a loan spell - he's a very exciting prospect.

    • I'd love us to ship out Berbatov regardless of whether we bring someone else in or not. I'd rather he was out of the way to give the promising young strikers we have like Kiko Macheda, Mame Diouf and now Chicarito a better chance. He's never suited the way United play football, and I don't think he ever will. Unfotunately I don't think he will be going anywhere.
      As for the two strikers you mention, both are talented young players. Suarez's strike record in Holland is very impressive, its another thing to try and do it in the Premiership, but certainly a talented young player. He would be the most realistic target of those two, as I think Aguero would cost too much, and if he was to move to the Premiership, I think Chelsea would be a more likely destination. I don't think we'll sign another striker this summer now though, not unless Benzema (who Fergie still appears to rate very highly) became available, or as part of a deal that takes Vidic to Madrid. Midfield is the priority, and hopefully any transfer money we do have is being prioritized to strengthening that area.

    • What do you think Vidic and Berba would actually fetch? Assuming you sold them next summer so the players are not cup tied...
      Vidic will be approaching 30 and Berba will already be there.

      Vidic might get you 12 million, and Berba 8 million. Not enough for Suarez/Aguero, and you would be a top class central defender short.

      Better than Brown, VDS, Ferdinand, Carrick, Hargreaves, Giggs, Scholes, Owen, Neville, Park and O'shea who would probably struggle to raise 10 million between them.

      Face it old players don't give you options, you just watch them decline or let them go.

      Dream on.