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  • the muppet vomits his usual rubbish again.
    If the team had been built around Rooney then surely the rest of the team would have known that and the ball would have got to him ? nothing to do with experienced players fulfilling their responsability to play their positions and encouraging the less senior players and helping them in their roles
    did they forget that theres no I in team ?

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    • This is why you English never have a chance at the World Cup. You have only to see a thread like this and realize the petty bitterness that permeates throughout the squad. That is why you cannot play free, uninhibited football, purely for the joy of the game. One Scouser seems to be able to do so - Rooney, and a certain Frank Lampard, 'Mr. Professional'. The rest are spent and petty and little like the rest of you on this board.

      Can you put aside your club rivalry/hatred for just 4 weeks?

      Oh, no, wait, make it 2 weeks, and you're booted home. LOL.