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  • No one player was to blame, nor was Capello, the whole lot were collectively poor. Capello made some questionable decisions, but the players out on the field were still some of the best in Europe at club level, and should have played a lot better than they did. Wayne Rooney failed to show up at all, and i'm not going to ignore that because i'm a United fan. His job wasn't made easy because of the poor service he had, but he was a shadow of the player we saw for most of last season. He hasn't looked right since that ankle injury, and I hope there isn't some lasting damage from that, that will carry over into next season for United, whether that be physically or mentally. I completely disagree with the opinion of him being overrated though, as poor as he has been in this tournament. He isn't at the same level as Ronaldo and Messi, but he is still one of the best players around when he's on his game. Lampard and Gerrard again failed to turn up in England shirts, the defence was appaling, incredibly slow and ill disciplined positionally, Barry proved again how overrated he has always been, and as for Heskey, it still baffles me why he was even there over Darren Bent.
    Simply nowhere near good enough all round, and unfortunately not a surprise at all, although I didn't expect us to be quite as poor as we were!

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    • How can you not blame Capello?

      He picks the team, he picks the tactics.
      He plays Gerrard on the left.
      We need a goal - who does he bring on? Heskey the goal machine.
      Why was Upson even in the squad? Having him in forces Terry to play on the right and he's never been comfortable there.

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      • I don't think Capello's free of blame at all Eric, but I think the team he put out on the field should have performed a lot better than they did, certainly against the lesser opposition in the group phase. Capello got several tactical decisions wrong, but to blame him solely is wrong in my opinion. The players are just as much to blame, the lot of them were awful. I don't want Capello as manager, I don't think a foreigner should even be allowed to manage the national team, but I don't agree in making him the scapegoat in this fiasco that is the England team.