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  • if you have to blame anyone blame ill disciplined john terry fo abandoning his job
    he's to slow to get back from up front so why does he gallop forward leaving his inexperienced partner to cope? coz he thinks he can do anything someone should pop his bloated head
    And don't expect germany to go much further the way they were cut open so often england going forward did pretty well
    but as a scot I have to laugh at the fact you've got capello for 2 more years hahahaha

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    • How?


    • BLAME JT?

      How ridiculous, the team was built around Rooney and at the end of the day Rooney couldn't even control the ball letalone unleash a decent shot on goal.

      That rant at the cameras was hilarious though, that lad is pig ignorant through and through, he's a good reflection of the club he plays for for, no class Mancwhinger USA.

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      • the muppet vomits his usual rubbish again.
        If the team had been built around Rooney then surely the rest of the team would have known that and the ball would have got to him ? nothing to do with experienced players fulfilling their responsability to play their positions and encouraging the less senior players and helping them in their roles
        did they forget that theres no I in team ?

    • interesting reaction .....was wanting to see what happened with the ABUS when a player other than utd was targeted now we know they can'tr take it ...dish it yes, but take it no, perhaps now they'll put their brains in gear before flapping their flabby gums not a chance every last one will stay true to their sad behaviour.
      Its true it was a collective pigs ear from capello to jt. I don't think capello bothered to find out about his team before leaving for S.A. he seemed to just presume they would play a certain way like italian players..and the players presumed he knew what to do with them

    • No one player was to blame, nor was Capello, the whole lot were collectively poor. Capello made some questionable decisions, but the players out on the field were still some of the best in Europe at club level, and should have played a lot better than they did. Wayne Rooney failed to show up at all, and i'm not going to ignore that because i'm a United fan. His job wasn't made easy because of the poor service he had, but he was a shadow of the player we saw for most of last season. He hasn't looked right since that ankle injury, and I hope there isn't some lasting damage from that, that will carry over into next season for United, whether that be physically or mentally. I completely disagree with the opinion of him being overrated though, as poor as he has been in this tournament. He isn't at the same level as Ronaldo and Messi, but he is still one of the best players around when he's on his game. Lampard and Gerrard again failed to turn up in England shirts, the defence was appaling, incredibly slow and ill disciplined positionally, Barry proved again how overrated he has always been, and as for Heskey, it still baffles me why he was even there over Darren Bent.
      Simply nowhere near good enough all round, and unfortunately not a surprise at all, although I didn't expect us to be quite as poor as we were!

    • England played the WC with ten men. NOBODY passed the ball to Rooney. Come home to UNITED Wazza - we love you.

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      • Lampard knocked it over the defence to Rooney on the penalty spot. With plenty of time and only the keeper to beat Rooney managed to hit the post.

        It's very silly for all this to be "it's all the fault of your club's player(s)". The team was a let-down as a team and many players did not show the talent and ability we expect to see when they play for their clubs. Rooney was a big let-down - I suspect mostly because he has not been fit for the last two or three months.


    • yes lets forget about the awful over rated rooney, the under performance of the rest of the team, the awful manager & the useless FA.