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  • NEMESIS NEMESIS Jul 7, 2010 00:46 Flag

    ready for the 2010/11 season tho

    Don't forget to fill your forms in girls!


    I wish to­ become a Manchester United supporter and I confirm­ that:

    1) I was born nowhere near Manchester and I am­ prepared to show no loyalty to any football teams located in my­ local area.

    2) I confirm that I know absolutely­ nothing about football and will never seek to improve­ upon my ignorance.

    3) I am a pretentious glory seeker­ and have rejected supporting my local team because I am basically a walking, breathing and living turd.

    4) I am prepared to eat prawn sandwiches and­ totally reject meat pies, burger and chips and pints of­ beer on the grounds that these reflect the traits of­ true football fans from other clubs.

    5) I will buy a­ replica shirt at least twice a year and appreciate the­ kindness of the club in regularly changing the design,­ of transferring Ronaldo and Tevez and of increasing­ prices in the Club shop, in the interests of us­ supporters.

    6) I am only interested in winning and­ will sulk unreservedly if we do not win every game.­ Equally I will stop watching matches if we do not win­ regularly and will switch my allegiance to another team­ if they look more likely to win trophies.

    7) I will­ never publicly admit that Sir Alex Ferguson may have­ Alzheimer`s disease, that the Glazers have no money and­ that the club is in huge debt and that our best days­ may well be over.

    8) I am a total­ turd who doesn't have any real friends.


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    • if im a complete waste of time, how come you come on here everyday answering my posts, and always talking about me to your mrs and your mates, and yeah someone might come and try there luck 1 day, but i know it will never be you glassjaw, and that is why you laugh my dear man, as you know you are safe behind your walls being the keyboard warrior, OWNING people.......now that is comedy.

      i await my reply despite being a waste of time, rotf

    • Yes Lyndy, I've noticed it's always been totally ok and perfectly fine when you call people derogatory names and dish out personal abuse towards them and their families, but for some strange reason it suddenly becomes unfair when you get some of your own medicine back?

      It's a bit like you whinging about people posting on here all summer, yet there you are doing it yourself, what a hypocrite you are! PMSL

      One rule for Lyndy and another rule for everyone else!

      Have you offered to meet anyone in reality for a punch up lately? HAHAHAHA Look, you're a complete waste of space, not to mention a loser and one of these days all this mouthing off on here will come back and bite you harder on your backside than you could ever possibly imagine! ;oD

      Trust me here, I'm really laughing my head off at you!


    • you seem to like writing about rimming, funny really, when i used to call you a rent boy you said i was obsessed with it, yet here you are ;-))

      funny also that 2 posters with glassjaws should both reply to the same comments ;-))

    • ...and you'd love to be right under it, wouldn't you Lyndy Peasant?

      Doing what you do best to blokes and giving it a good rimming!


      This is too easy!

    • the only thing flapping is your arse glassjaw

    • BITE!



      You're flapping again Lyndy and I'm laughing at you!

    • i know facebook dont do 1, i was simply refering to a fact that you tried to access my details, and when i offered to let you in,you shit your knickers, so you obviously was worried i would track you somehow.
      when your man enough, tell me, till then, keep bigging up the keyboard, OWNING people.


      There's no such software programme on Facebook that actually shows you who visits your profile, any application claiming to do this is a scam.

      It shows you know sweet FA! HAHAHAHAHAHA

      That rant was really hilarious, especially the bit where you claim that I'm a wife beating alcoholic, hahaha you have such a vivid imagination!


    • OWNED by a geordie, on his keyboard, grow up man, you keep saying that you OWN me, yet even bottled it when i offered to let you into my facebook page.

      i said "all my details are on facebook, including my number"
      you said the next day "your profile is blocked so i cant see it"
      i said "i will clear it for you to look at"
      you said "why would i want to see your ugly scrawny chav face"

      after you had already tried to access it, rotf you were scared that i had some software programme on it that showed me who viewed my profile, and yet you own ME

      tell that to your mrs and mates when your in the pub, oh sorry, your not in newcie anymore, run away big boy, your only ally is your keyboard, what a pathetic bloke you are thinking you OWN someone on a chat room, but if their was such a thing then i well and truly have you mate, scared little geordie blouse who ran far away and was too scared to browse my profile he had already tried to have a sneak peak at,

      my work is done, i ran the wife beating alcoholic out of the country,
      twas easy really.
      time to put you where you should be..on the rubbish tip

    • It's the original slaphead harris alright, he always was a bit up his own backside and thought he knew it all!

      He's another one of the Man U losers who ended up getting OWNED by a Geordie on here, and he still hasn't got over it!

      Have you slaphead?


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