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  • Mr Humphries Mr Humphries Aug 2, 2010 03:54 Flag

    ready for the 2010/11 season tho

    Yes Lyndy, I've noticed it's always been totally ok and perfectly fine when you call people derogatory names and dish out personal abuse towards them and their families, but for some strange reason it suddenly becomes unfair when you get some of your own medicine back?

    It's a bit like you whinging about people posting on here all summer, yet there you are doing it yourself, what a hypocrite you are! PMSL

    One rule for Lyndy and another rule for everyone else!

    Have you offered to meet anyone in reality for a punch up lately? HAHAHAHA Look, you're a complete waste of space, not to mention a loser and one of these days all this mouthing off on here will come back and bite you harder on your backside than you could ever possibly imagine! ;oD

    Trust me here, I'm really laughing my head off at you!