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  • The Levy The Levy Jul 17, 2010 17:46 Flag

    Team Most Likely To Drop Out of Top 4?

    Chelsea and United will definitely finish in the top 4. And I think Spurs will finish above Arsenal, who may well be the team that fails to finish top 4 if City manage to sneak in there.

    Last season I correctly predicted that Liverpool would drop out of the top 4 (a prediction AguycalledPad claimed was "ridiculous and "illogical" - oh, where did he go?). This season I predict it will be Arsenal, especially as their best player has his heart set on a return to his Catalan roots, a move which is only being blocked because Wenger has priced him out of a move.

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    • Deepak the Philosopher and mandy the female side of him. 2007 , you wrote underanother guise , of course, " United are on the wane, they wont win anything" and you were almost right. We 'only' won the premiership. 2008, definitely your best season, " United will win nothing this year ", oops, premiership, champions league, and world clubs championship. 2009 " United are on the wanr" premiership, league cup, and champions league finalists. 2010, yes a very lean year, but you can't win everything every season, still we won the leadue cup. Better than Arsenal .

    • Hilarious post, Deepak. Keep it up.

      "humiliation in Europe" - Barcelona?
      "your best player clearly has his issues" - Fabregas?
      "Not much of a return really was it?" - won nothing again

    • Yes but however you dress it up, Utd are on the wane - a very poor show last year, humiliation in Europe throwing away a good lead to Bayern with virtually a full team out, massive debts and interest payments, owners who only care about 1 thing, your best player clearly has his issues, ageing £30m flops, an eleven game a season captain, Carrick, silly fans confused about whether to support the club or not, a manager on his way out and losing his marbles as he goes.....but then there was the ref assisted Carling Cup...Big Swinging Micky!!!
      Not much of a return really was it? The Carling Cup. Judging by the defensive posts, maybe it got a few of you on here excited but that only shows how much you are falling.
      But don't worry - Jose will soon come in and make it all better, after all he is known for going into clubs a billion in debt with no money to spend.....and just think of that lovely football he would have you playing!

    • Boring boring boring Beaky!



    • Well you stupid twat, Lennon was there to provide the crosses for Rooney, and others, like Nani, and Valencia does.You have an unhealthy fixation with Rooney.

    • The team most likely to drop out of top four next season is Mancwhinger USA, and once that happens, oh dear!

      I can see Manchester City gaining a new fanbase very soon.


    • spursbabe England played four games yet you can only find one example of when the midfield put Rooney through on goal. As for his shot scuffed though it may have been it still required a save from the keeper to prevent it from going in. I`m not making excuses for Rooney but the fact is England`s demise in the world cup was because the whole team didn`t perform and thats partly because the manager kept trying to put round pegs in to square holes. Take Gerrard his best position is in the centre yet to make room for two players who play in a very similar position for their clubs he was forced out to the left where he was always going to be less effective. And please don`t come up with the crap that a player should be able to play anywhere. Most players can indeed play in other positions but usually even when they give a decent performance it is below the standard they would reach in their favourite position. Its far better to select a good player in his best position than a world class player in an unfamiliar role. We saw this with Gerrard, he isn`t a left wnger and its no surprise that after a career in the middle he had a tendency to come inside. It would have been better to have taken a natural left winger like city`s Johnson and played him out wide and to have bitten the bullet and left either Gerrard or Lampard on the subs bench.

    • yes england lost to germany because lennon had a quiet game against usa.

      the whole team were poor including spurs players who played.

      im not trying to make excuses for the england spurs players.

      but u are for rooney!

      at least defoe scored which is 1 more than rooney!

      by the way, look up the goal & you tube & u will see the difference. defoe makes a simple run for the wide player to have something to aim at. now watch what rooney does whilst defoe makes that run. thats right, rooney stands still & doesnt even make a run.
      even if lennon had crossed better there would have be no 1 to get on the end of it. rooney would be stood still with his hand son his hips & heskey would be laying on the ground on the halfway line after flicking it on.

      even messi would have trouble creating assists for heskey & rooney.

      but thats right, it would be messi's faults not rooney.

      where did i say lennon played well? thats right, i didnt!
      so why are u arguing against me for something i never argued against.

      start thinking before u post.

      or is your next post going to be arguing against me saying green was rubbish in goal. so before u do, i never said green was good in goal!

    • What side does your "brother" serve on.?

    • Nope, not me Deepak.

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