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  • the one and only the one and only Jul 19, 2010 23:23 Flag

    Skint, so why no Cole?

    Dippers signed have him for free on a four year contract, and at 28, could be the signing of the season.
    Why did SAF decide not to pursue him?
    It's obvious United have no cash, and Cole would have been a great addition, with his experience and ability, and could have filled the attacking midfield berth we so desperately need.
    With Hargreaves probably never going to return, no date on Anderson yet, and the useless Carrick still at OT, i feel we have missed out here.

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    • You worry me, teenage boys and uncle Ernie?

      It sounds more like your describing your own life experiences.

      You really are a pathetic person.

    • Cole does have ability, but I just don't think he is the sort of player Fergie wants. Stephen Ireland at 23 is still hungry and gutsy, and although a different sort of midfielder to Cole, is a better option. Cole is probably just looking for a lucrative final contract, so that isn't really the sort of player United need.

      In spite of the financial restrictions imposed by the Glazers, Fergie is doing the best he can. It might not be sufficient to win the EPL/CL this year, but if Ireland signs I will be more confident about United's chances.

      Also, unlike most United fans I think Berbatov will come good this season.

    • liverpool need to up their home grown quota which may be one of the reasons why they are prepared to overlook Cole`s injury record and meet his high wage demands.

    • Part of me thinks we should have tried to get him but the other half wonders how much he'd figure and how much of a difference he could make. He has some great games but can go rather quiet at times. Though, I suppose, most players are like that.

      I don't mind Hodgson but I predicted he'd go for Cole. Due to Hodgson's past.. he likes to sign the obvious players and big-team cast offs.

      I worry L'pool have strengthened themselves to get back into the top 4 with this signing plus hanging on to Torres and Gerrard. But if Utd could manage to get a strong central midfielder who can score but also protect the back four, then I wont be worried. Not that I expect Utd to buy anyone :-(

    • As I've said in the past, I think it's more important to get a ball-playing defensive player (ie. a better Carrick) than an attacking midfielder. Liverpool should have kept Benayoun, and I don't think Cole is a good signing, especially since Gerrard may be moved back into central midfield with Lucas or Aquilani. If Liverpool do follow up on their interest in Ever Banega, that would be a massive coup however; the 8.5 million price tag is ridiculously low but I guess Valencia urgently need money. Put him, Defour, or Ireland (different player, less authoritative, more attacking, but still very good) in our team and it would function a whole lot better. We might get some attacks through the middle for a start. Constantly passing the ball out wide for a cross in made our play predictable at times last season.

    • Yes I thought he might be someone United could use. But think about it. Chelsea know all about him, his form and injuries. They were not prepared to offer the sort of deal Liverpool have made. Now they are not exactly short of cash , whatever the 'new economics' at the Bridge, so they obviously just didn't think he was worth it, knowing he would join one of their main competitors. On the basis they are not stupid, I have recently formed the opinion they must have serious reservations about his on-going fitness. So, on balance, best left alone.

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      • I'm delighted we didn't get him. He's been overhyped and overrated for years by the media in this country because he's English. He's had 1 good season in the last 4, and has a terrible injury record. He doesn't have fantastic technique, and on the continent, he would be regarded as average. Chelsea may have had to pay 5 million for Benayoun, but they've received the far better player. He's consistent, better than Cole technically, and is a guy who doesn't moan. He also has a good goal record. The media of course will report differently given their stupidity (the Daily Mail's headline "The best players in the world (and Xavi)" comes to mind). I mean seriously, what great attributes does Cole have?! Clever passing? Once in every 10 matches. A great shooter?! No. A great dribbler? No - he has a bit more about him than the other leaden foot members of team England, but he's not even better than average in that department. A man to replace Scholes?! It's almost disgraceful to utter such tosh.

      • But surely United could have taken a gamble on him, as we are used to Injury prone players at this club. Nev, Brown, Hargreaves, Anderson Owen. etc etc.
        Seriously though for a player of his ability on a free, would have been worth the gamble.
        If it didn't work out in say, a couple of years, United could have sold him on (as still only be 30) and got more then 2 years wages back on him.