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  • Precisely. This is the problem with being the world's self-proclaimed richest club (in terms of owner wealth). Every club and every player is going to fleece you, and Cook's constant bragging about City's wealth makes their situation inevitable and unchangeable. It also means that even if they start winning things the club itself will never turn a profit. As with everything City-related, it will probably all end in disaster and bitter recriminations.

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    • they will always have to pay at least a 3rd more for a player & offer at least a 3rd more wages that what any other club would.

      they make too many changes every summer. take them till xmas to gel by which time the titles gone.

      although i expect them to get top 4 this season.

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      • spursbabe I totally agree that they are making too many changes and to be honest I`m not over impressed by the players they have signed so far this pre-season with the exception of David Silvia. I don`t think the changes they are making actually strengthen their squad and if they lose the likes of Bellamy and Ireland they could even weaken it. Take Silvia, as talented as he is will he be good enough to compensate for the loss of Robinho and the possible loss of Bellamy?