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  • Poor lad, apparently he`s upset that when city show an interest in a player the transfer fee and wage demands soar. He`s quoted as saying that its not good and its not right. If he feels like that perhaps he should have a word with Gary Cook and point out to him that shooting your mouth off about how rich you are, paying over the odds for average players such as Lescott and handing £200,000 per week to a holding midfielder who couldn`t get in to the barcelona side does kind of send the message that you are willing to pay inflated transfer fees and huge wages.

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    • Precisely. This is the problem with being the world's self-proclaimed richest club (in terms of owner wealth). Every club and every player is going to fleece you, and Cook's constant bragging about City's wealth makes their situation inevitable and unchangeable. It also means that even if they start winning things the club itself will never turn a profit. As with everything City-related, it will probably all end in disaster and bitter recriminations.