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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 24, 2010 21:12 Flag

    Team for Charity Shield

    Frankly if its between beating chelsea in a glorified friendly or having all the players ready for the opening game of the season then its the latter for me. And I`m sure that`s the way SAF will look at it which means utd could actually field quite a strong team as it will probably be the the big names who missed the tour who will need the game time.

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    • I think Fergie will want both, to field a slightly under-strength team and to beat his closest rivals.Never pass up an opportunity to 'put on over' your immediate competitor. It sound like Drogba will miss this one as well.

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      • with our opening prem game being moved to the monday night, i see alex playing a near full strength team, and agree he will give the likes of rooney, carrick, park playing time, but he may opt to leave rooney till later due to that dreadful pitch.

      • "It sound like Drogba will miss this one as well. "

        It does. Our players are falling like nine-pins and the season hasn't even started yet. Plus the world cup only just finished. It could be a slow start to the season for us. Fortunately we start with some easy looking matches, but they are matches which we really can't afford to drop any points in.

        I'm inclined to think both clubs will want their best-ish teams out to get them match-fit, but without risking any injuries.