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    who is biggest club

    a recent poll showing the 6 biggest clubs in the league and giving ratings from 1 (lowest) to 6 (highest) on what makes a big club came up with this

    Major trophies: 40 (2nd) 5
    Stadium capacity: 75769 (1st) 6
    Fan loyalty (2nd) 5
    Value of club: £1.2billion (1st) 6
    Owner: Malcolm Glazer and Family £1.57billion (5th) 2
    Transfer budget: £95.9m (2nd) 5
    Total points: 29/36

    Major trophies: 27 (3rd) 4
    Stadium capacity: 60391 (2nd) 5
    Fan loyalty: (6th) 1
    Value of club: £770m (2nd) 5
    Largest shareholder: Stan Kroenke (£1.77billion) (4th) 3
    Transfer budget: £25m (4th) 3
    Total points: 21/36

    Major trophies: 43 (1st) 6
    Stadium capacity: 45276 (4th) 3
    Fan loyalty (1st) 6
    Value of club: £538m (3rd) 4
    Owner: Tom Hicks £800m (6th) 1
    Transfer budget: £15m plus sales (6th) 1
    Total points: 21/36

    Major trophies: 9 (6th) 1
    Stadium capacity: 47405 (3rd) 4
    Fan loyalty (3rd) 4
    Value of club: £169m (6th) 1
    Owner: Sheikh Mansour £3.2billion (2nd) 5
    Transfer budget: Unlimited (1st) 6
    Total points: 21/36

    Major trophies: 17th (joint 4th) 2.5
    Stadium capacity: 42,449 (5th) 2
    Fan loyalty (5th) 2
    Value of club: £423m (4th) 3
    Owner: Roman Abramovich, £11.1billion (1st) 6
    Transfer budget: £40m (3rd) 4
    Total points: 19.5/36

    Major trophies: 17 (joint 4th) 2.5
    Stadium capacity: 36230 (6th) 1
    Fan loyalty (4th) 3
    Value of club: £243m (5th) 2
    Largest shareholder: Joe Lewis £1.97billion (3rd) 4
    Likely transfer budget: £20m (5th) 2
    Total points: 14.5/36

    i did laugh at the arsenal fan loyalty rating

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    • Yes, you're very funny tonight Lyndy, funny in the head like you usually are 24/7.

      No Lyndy, I didn't "cry my way back to Newcastle in '99" since I was living in Surrey, Pirbright at that point, not that you knew before then, but you know now.

      It's only me and the girlfriend going to Mexico, the only person who continually keeps bringing kids into things is you!

      Look Lyndy, I had more spine at the age of sixteen than you have now, and I have more spine now than you'll ever before you do the world a favour and croak it.

      Picked any fights on the internet lately you moron? PMSL

    • so you spoke to every manc in 99 i take it?
      i know you was there, the way you have described your self is the pittance of someone in the video i have, i bet you cried all the way back tnto newcie that night lol

      as for waterworld, aint that what you do for your kids, take them out, see the sights, swim with dolphins which is some kids dream, i would rather that than staying in a hotel complex drinking myself silly till i believed i had a spine(out comes the keyboard at that stage)

      fk im funny tonight, as ever

    • So, you're in the nosebleeds Lyndy, well done! *claps*

      Why on earth would it niggle me that a Man U fan from outside Manchester goes to the games, when it's a common place scenerio and something you lot continually get ridiculed for?

      I was at the '99 FA Cup Final and I never heard one Man U fan there who had a manc accent, they were all londoners! ¨PMSL

      Your ideas on where and what to do on holiday in Mexico are a bit different to mine there I think Lyndy, especially since staying in a hotel complex and going to somewhere like waterworld is a bit too mainstream and boring for someone like me.

      Cheers anyway.

    • Sage like onion?

    • lmao, more name calling hard man hehehe
      i wont be hanging around wembley, i have 4 tickets for me, my wife and my 2 daughters, although i feel for my 11 year old as she broke her ankle last week falling off the trampoline and being as the tickets are in block 502, row 24, top tier longside,it will be hard work for her bless her heart but she is determined to go. im glad it niggles you that there is a supporter on here from outside manchester that goes to games, quality, but anyway, so your taking the parrot to mexico jimma lad, been there done it, went to cancun in 07, stayed at the sapphire riviera, you must take in waterworld, its well cool, and you might get lucky like we did and swim with the dolphins, i have the pics but hey, im just a plastic dreamer lmao

    • Oh Lyndy, what are you doing?

      Are you trying to make a name for yourself for not only as the biggest tosser on these boards but also being the biggest hypocrite on these boards?

      So you're going to hang around Wembley next saturday whilst I'm jetting off on my holidays with the bird to Mexico.

      Like I'm bothered? ROTFFLMFAO

    • Have man u got a Transfer budget of £95.9m? I thought times where a little harder than that.

    • i think you will find its you who resorts to name calling, as for plastic, whilst im at wembley next week mate you will be in which country?
      probably lalaland lol

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