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  • from the Daily Mirror which won`t make happy reading for all those ABUs who think utd`s premiership success is down to money. It also won`t make happy reading for all those city fans who think that just spending more money than anyone else ensures you win the title.

    "In the 18 seasons of the Premier League, the club which has spent most have only been crowned champions on five occasions".

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    • I suppose, to go back to the point of the original post, we should ask how many times Man Utd spent the most and ended up winning the premiership that same season.

      If it's a fact that Man Utd never win the premiership when they spend the most then I will be hoping Utd don't splash out too heavily on players this season - which I'm sure they wont!

    • I would read into that precisely nothing. Suppose you bought a football club that was mid-table. The first year you spend one billion on players and come third. Your one billion of players then win you the league the following nine seasons.

      Result: "In the 10 seasons of the Premier League under review, the club which has spent most never been crowned champions"

      Maybe clubs at the top spend money when they go off the boil to get them back onto the boil again.


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      • Good point Robert & Neil.

        Supposing a lower-tiered side spends tens of millions of pounds on quality players in Year 1 and later win the title in a season, say in Year 4, when it has the lowest transfer spending in the league, doesn't it pour cold water on MU_devon's assertion that Man U's premiership success isn't down to money?

        Also, between 1992 and 2002 Man U were the highest spender in the league (first decade of the Premiership), which coincided with a period when Man U won 7 Premiership titles. There's a strong correlation between spending and premiership success.

    • So 28% of the time, the team that spends the most money wins the premiership. Not great odds but you have to admit that means there is a chance. And I'm sure City wont care about stats - they don't really mean anything to the here and now. And it's not like the team who spent the most NEVER won the league.

      But also, spending is just a small part of why a team will or wont win the league. If Fergie spent the most money, I think we'd have an even better chance of winning the premiership - because he is a great manager who knows how to get players to work as a unit.

      On a rant here... and if you spent 200million on 10 players - no I wouldn't expect a team to win because a team needs to gel over a couple of seasons or so. If you spent 200million on 4 players, there would be less problems with harmony and the team gelling.