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    About Ozil....

    If all is to be somewhat true, with SAF watching him at Fulham, and Werder going to cash in on him before the end of his deal, and the amount (Approximately 13-18 million), I'm at a loss for why he hasn't been signed by United, let alone anyone else. He seems to be a solid player, one who could fit in many teams' starting 11, and looks like can be had for a good price, considering some transfers this year. Something isn't what it seems to be...........

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    • He obviously wanted to go there, and the rest was probably to try and hike up the price, thats lifebuoy

    • Lesson of the day - don`t say who your dream team is until you`ve actually signed for them. Otherwise you end up looking like a complete pratt.

    • Ozil has now signed for his dream team (Arsenal, no - Barca, no - United, ah Real Madrid) for 15m euros.

    • Although there was plenty of press speculation linking Ozil with a number of clubs including utd, chelsea and barcelona it looks as if real madrid were the only team to put in a bid.

    • Ian, it was only last week he said he has always dreamed of Barca. Then Madrid made an offer, apparently today Bremen have accepted it. Never one for us I think.

    • Agree with you steve. I think Cleverley is a great prospect. As someone said somewhere, or I read it somewhere, he( Ozil) said that he was a Barcelona fan only a few months ago.

    • If Werder block a move to Madrid this summer, their stance is honourable, but they will ultimately only shoot themselves in the foot when he'll move there anyway for nothing next summer. I won't be surprised if Madrid will be quite happy they've infuriated Bremen like they have so they can wait a year and get him for nothing. They don't need him now anyway. There would be no point in us even bidding for him now, as his head is in Spain. Time to show some faith in Cleverley instead

    • Now its Ozil's father wading in. Ozil has promised to go to Madrid, he only ever wanted to go there ( well this week anyway). He will wait to go for free next summer if Bremen don't deal now. Inter are supposed to have offered E30m but Madrid-loving Ozil will only go to where his heart is!
      best leaving this guy well alone- a wide berth is required. No wonder Wenger backed off 12 months ago.

    • I have said many times on my own club boards that the FROG platini seems only interested in ruining the prem keep talking about gate recipts and debt ect
      and the other silly sod when and if a real hard look was made would find more that enough back handers and more brown envelopes than even george( the bung) graham ever saw not sure about old potato face redknapp lol

    • Gotta say that its odd that only real madrid have put in a bid for him - and one that is much lower than the £12 million Werder want.

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      • There are so many Ozil threads its difficult to keep pace...
        Devon, I don't know about anyone else, but I guess the most anyone knows of this guy is the matches he has played for Germany. I don't recall glaring publicity of his fantastic performances for his club. He probably was OK, but where were the headlines? So maybe he is a great 'tournament' player, but questions persist about his weekly consistency. It seemed to me he started brilliantly in the WC and then each match thereafter it seemed to generally diminish.
        Also we know nothing about his character. The top clubs will check this out. For instance arsenal were really after him 12 months ago but quickly lost interest, perhaps they found something out?
        Madrid will buy anything that moves, good luck to him, if he gets enough games.

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