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  • Gotta say that its odd that only real madrid have put in a bid for him - and one that is much lower than the £12 million Werder want.

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    • There are so many Ozil threads its difficult to keep pace...
      Devon, I don't know about anyone else, but I guess the most anyone knows of this guy is the matches he has played for Germany. I don't recall glaring publicity of his fantastic performances for his club. He probably was OK, but where were the headlines? So maybe he is a great 'tournament' player, but questions persist about his weekly consistency. It seemed to me he started brilliantly in the WC and then each match thereafter it seemed to generally diminish.
      Also we know nothing about his character. The top clubs will check this out. For instance arsenal were really after him 12 months ago but quickly lost interest, perhaps they found something out?
      Madrid will buy anything that moves, good luck to him, if he gets enough games.

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      • Having made a couple of mistakes in the past - such as Jordi Cruyff - SAF is now very wary of buying players based on their performances in major international tournaments. Also I read some comments over the weekend that said he is also not keen on buying players who he doesn`t think are committed to utd. In other words those players who say their dream is to play for barcelona/real madrid and then look round for other clubs when those two don`t come calling.