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  • Attacking mid apparently. Likes taking the ball from deep and running at defenders ( and scoring). Much more a 'Kaka' type than a striker.
    Although the buy-out was GBP7m the deal was a lot less up front ( it is rumoured).
    Was 'blowing minds' in Portugal, risen from nowhere very quickly.
    Probably no Ozil then.

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    • Bebe reportedly costed MU 7 million. A raw unproven talent for 7 mil! Ji-sung Park was bought for 4 million from PSV after he performed so well in the Champions League for PSV. Park was a bargin in comparison.

    • His "Old' Portugese Club website is reporting that there were 4 offers for Bebe this week. Madrid, United and 2 other EPL clubs.
      After talking to Nani and Ronaldo ( note) he chose the British 'colossus'.
      Looks like he isn't so much of a 'punt' ..

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      • jim you`re spot on with your comments. Reminds me of the days when clubs used to raid the lower divisions for players and I`m hoping the new squad rules on homegrown players will encourage premiership clubs to do more of that. I know some fans and the press like to see `marquee` signings but there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your club unearth a talent that others have missed out on. Hernandez fits that bill. He may well have been well known in Mexico but thus far Mexican players haven`t done well in the premiership so buying him is a huge gamble by utd - one which all the early signs suggest is going to pay off big time.

    • Your absolutely right it would be refreshing, to be finding raw diamonds in lesser leagues to find the late developers that escape the major scouting systems, I axtually think thats what teams like the home nations have to hope for but home nations gems obviously, As Fergie puts it he can't recruit from othe parts of the country anymore which means theres more opportunity for people to fall through the scouting systems ( the less people looking less found)

    • There does seem to be mixed opinions in the press as to where this lad plays, with Uniteds official website referring to him as a striker. Attacking midfield makes a lot more sense, as we have a good bunch of talented young strikers as it is.

      I didn't expect Ozil to sign either way, it just sounds like his hearts set on a move to Barca. I'm sure we probably are still monitoring his situation, but i'll be surprised to see him here now, not unless Barca officially rule themselves out of the running by going for Mascharano instead (who makes a lot more sense as a target to me)

    • Loads of clips of this guy in action on youtube now. No idea of the quality of opposition, but he can certainly play, anywhere in the attacking third by the look of it.
      Reminds me of Gullit. Same physique, style etc. If he is anything like the same quality.........!

    • manutd.com says we are retaining interest in ozil.
      I very much doubt that Ozil would re sign with werder given his market value without a contract

    • There's more chance of Ozil extending his Bremen contract than signing for Man U.

      Twas never going to happen mate, stop dreaming jimmy.