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  • Although utd aren`t happy about losing a player outside of the international fixtures calendar they have agreed to Evra`s request that he be allowed to attend the meeting set up by the French Football Federation. Evra is keen to give his version of events, especially as he feels that he has been unfairly attacked by several ex-French internationals such as Thuram.

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    • their loss, and will probably be their excuse for not qualifying for european finals ...same as they scraped into the world cup

    • Sad to say but i do belive he will be the scapegoat
      the FFF should have sacked the manager after the Euros but they kept the idiot in place
      Eva as Captain I assume tried to be a go between but in the end the way the press over here as well as france one assumes made him the leader of the "Mutiny"
      I wish him luck as i feel he will need every ounce he can muster