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  • sat-on-our-perch sat-on-our-perch Aug 29, 2010 22:55 Flag

    ahaha, ultimate abu and his mexican holiday

    i was too busy laughing at the cover up, convince this lot......but i saw it, how sad you go on holiday and then post that, i laugh at the not married 40 year old virgin, must nark you to know im happy and not sitting in another country on holiday posting a sneak message, how was the mexicans when you swung your keyboard.....rotf,

    btw look on the geordie board to see how many posts there are from me, then look at how many you write about mancs, and me, nuff said about obsession me thinks, will call you calvin from now on, enjoy your sunday mate while i laugh about the post you made and are TRYING to say i made it,