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  • sat-on-our-perch sat-on-our-perch Aug 17, 2010 01:03 Flag

    ahaha, ultimate abu and his mexican holiday

    ahem, he posted a remark on the preview of tonights game, and thought he would go undetected, but i saw it, rotf, either he is really in gallowgate, or he is so consumed by his hatred for us that he has to post while on holiday with his pig, omg, if we lost tonight it would not take the smile off my face

    51.I'd really love to see Newcastle United beat Man U­ in their own backyard tonight.
    Man U, only singing­ when they're winning and always whinging when­ they're not!

    From Ultimate ABU, on Mon 16 Aug 5:30PM

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    • look who tried sneaking back hoping to go unnoticed,
      im still laughing over you being on here whilst on holiday and to think all those mexicans were cheering united and chicharito when we spanked your lot, even berbatov scored ffs,

      did you have your keyboard next to the pool when you went online the day of the match glassjaw?

      enjoy your day LMAOADL

    • Ouch, ABU got slapped!!!!

    • LMFAO

      I think it's much more likely that you're responsible for that post using one of the many multi-yahoo-ID's that you claim not to have.

      Come on Lyndy, it does look highly suspicious that you'd wait nearly three weeks to bring this to everyones' attention, when it's more than likely you were actually sniffing around online on the evening when Man United played NUFC?

      I'll give you credit where credit it due though, it's a very good impersonation of me even down to the sort of phrases I use, I'm quite shocked you've even managed not to make any spelling mistakes.

      Epic fail on your part though, you've done little more than make yourself look even more of an obsessive cyber-stalker with geordies on the brain 24/7..


    • i was too busy laughing at the cover up, convince this lot......but i saw it, how sad you go on holiday and then post that, i laugh at the not married 40 year old virgin, must nark you to know im happy and not sitting in another country on holiday posting a sneak message, how was the mexicans when you swung your keyboard.....rotf,

      btw look on the geordie board to see how many posts there are from me, then look at how many you write about mancs, and me, nuff said about obsession me thinks, will call you calvin from now on, enjoy your sunday mate while i laugh about the post you made and are TRYING to say i made it,

    • Even more rants from the obsessive cyber-stalker with geordies on the brain 24/7.

      LMFAO Lyndy Peasant posting messages as his fictional wife!

      I reckon it won't be long until you spit your dummy and claim you're leaving these boards again only to return five minutes later, so I can ridicule you that little bit more!

      HAHAHAHAHA you silly douche!

    • not 1, not 2, but 3 posts all about me........................tut tut calvin, OBSESSED

      ps, remember, I KNOW, nudge nudge wink wink

    • Even more rants from the obsessive cyber-stalker with geordies on the brain 24/7 who STARTED THIS THREAD OFF!

      LMFAO Lyndy Peasant posting messages as his fictional wife and posing as a woman on the internet, it's still hilarious!

    • calvin.............just remember, I KNOW ladl
      ps, which board is this again calvin?


    • I don't believe anyone's 'on my side', not B4ts, not Alan H, not anyone, i don't need anyone 'on my side', i leave that to the WEAK MINDED such as yourself...........

      I just sit, watch and laugh as you HUMILIATE yourself day after day on these boards.....you're a shallow, petty little man backstabber........

      "Why don't i come to birmingham for a pint?"

      What makes you think I'm not already in birmingham backstabber?

      As well as being a shallow, petty little man backstabber, her's some other FACTS about you..........

      You're a LIAR........Proven FACT.

      You're a backstabber........Proven FACT.

      You're a user.........Proven FACT

      You're an fool.......Proven FACT.

      You were a liabilty to the police...........Proven FACT.

      You were the excess fat the West Midlands police needed to FORCE out...........Proven FACT

      You're mentally unstable...........Proven FACT

      The list just goes on and on and on and on and on......FACT.

    • Lynden, what is it with you and all these tossers you keep attracting to the board? Just ignore them.

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