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    liverpool in financial trouble?

    I`m not sure how accurate this rumour is but there are several reports, mainly in the American press, that unless liverpool ae taken over within the next 6 weeks they may have to go in to administration. I know they are short of money but I can`t think that things are that bad cause if they were than surely by now they would have cashed in on their biggest assest namely Torres and Gerrard.

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    • I have read in the finacial papers on line that unless they are sold by the end of the month of August they have to add another 60 million to the debt
      I also noted that the bankers RSB can then sell the club for the sum of the debt leaving tom and jerry with sod all
      so for all purlows blustering about siffting through all the offers it seems the gun is being loaded as we speak
      As a side one of the current bids in apparently from a m8 of gilletts son so the word smoke screen comes rto mind

    • I am totally sure that the reports are accurate, mainly by everyone apart from the BLIND glory hole dwellers that United are in SERIOUS DEBT and yet are STILL funding three in-bred Americans all with the BACKING of SLUR Alex.

      Ah well.

      (Oooh shit .......what to do with those scarves?)