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  • LEX LEX Aug 17, 2010 01:53 Flag

    liverpool in financial trouble?

    I have read in the finacial papers on line that unless they are sold by the end of the month of August they have to add another 60 million to the debt
    I also noted that the bankers RSB can then sell the club for the sum of the debt leaving tom and jerry with sod all
    so for all purlows blustering about siffting through all the offers it seems the gun is being loaded as we speak
    As a side one of the current bids in apparently from a m8 of gilletts son so the word smoke screen comes rto mind

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    • ah, a real gooner, welcome to the united board lex.
      i read that too but not sure what is going on there at the moment as all papers report differently, its like our debt, no one really knows the real figure except those on the inside, it could be more, it could be less, most figures are estimates and if they are as far out as my gas bills, then we aint as bad as most would LIKE to think lol