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    Be Afraid, Be VERY Afraid.

    Another 6 goals today, 12 in two games is formidable form, and last season tally will easily be beaten at this rate.
    Virtually All over all ready.
    Remember i told u so!!!

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    • Not so sure about Malouda, but Essien is the one United have needed for some time, to think he was a United fan and had trials etc, oh well...

    • To expand on that, before somebody misinterprets, what I mean is that I hope United win everything going, but I will not put a single penny into the Glazers' pockets.

      I am just being totally honest, Ian. I really don't think United are good enough to win the EPL or CL with what we've got. We have too many unproven players that most on here have touted as "definitely going to be World-Class" like a bunch of Arsenal fans. And then when they fail to make the grade, it is always "Fergie didn't give them enough games" or "it was down to the injuries", rather than honestly admitting that they just weren't good enough. Right now, I would be happy to swap both Nani and Obertan for Malouda, or Fletcher and Carrick and Cleverley for Essien. Not that Chelsea would be interested in such a deal!

    • I don't recall writing that, but even if I did I probably put it in the context of getting rid of the Glazers being of long-term benefit to the club, and obviously it would be worth going for a season or two with no trophies if it meant getting shot of the Gimps and securing the long-term future of United.

      Realistically, it is almost impossible for United to be owned by the fans, but if it was a possibility I could even accept relegation to bring that about. The second division wasn't that bad, was it? United were still United, and The Doc was creating a good team out of the ashes.

      The G&G protest is dead, because it was never more than a token gesture, and a fashion statement for the clueless at OT. It was noticeable that there were no moe than a mere handful of G&G scarves at Craven Cottage, yet quite heartening to hear the away support belting out "All I know is Glazer's going to die" (to the tune of Paint Your Wagon) - a song that originated at FC, and is sung by United's away support as basically we are talking about the same people.

      It is a difficult issue, Ian. I am pessimistic about the idea that the Glazers will sell in the next few years. They don't need to while they are able to plunder the club's huge revenue/resources. What the long-term consequences will be is hard to assess.

    • No john, you wrote once that you'd prefer United to not win anything, if it got rid of the Glazers.

    • Ian, I am surprised by this response. I have never said what you claim at all. Of course, I want United to win everything that is up for grabs, but I will never adopt the Scouse mentality of irrationally claiming the right to win things. I prefer to be objective about United's chances of winning things, and whatever Fergie is forced to say, United can no longer genuinely compete in the transfer market because of the Glazers.

      Apart from City's idiotic spending and wage packages, this summer's big transfers have not involved large sums being splashed out at all in spite of Fergie's claim that there isn't value for money out there. How much would Ireland have cost, or Hangeland? Surely not that much. Did United bother to bid on Ozil?

      United are severely restricted in a way we weren't when we could sign Rio or Ruud or Veron - that much is obvious.

      So we talk-up players like Hernandez, who might or might not do well. He didn't even look to be in the same class as Zamora yesterday.

    • 'It was a deliberate mistake you DUMB PLASTIC MANK.' Hahahahahahahahahaha, just like you using commas instead of apostrophies were deliberate , eh gay boy pixie ?I bet not knowing when Arsenal kick off is deliberate too , I guess .

    • I am not so sure, Jim. Ancelotti spent the fist half of last season getting to know his players, getting used to the EPL as a manager, and deciding on his best first eleven and their positions. Now he has them ticking like clockwork, and surely they will improve on last season. That makes it more difficult for United.

    • afraid of what chelsea football club or romans team

    • Ha ha ha don't make me laught 18 times to 3 or 4 ha ha ha NO CHANCE THIS SEASON...

    • That was a deliberate deliberate mistake.

      Fuck me you fall for it EVERY time.

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