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  • Layla Layla Aug 23, 2010 01:11 Flag

    A draw a fair result

    id say fulham deserved to win especially as 1 of your goals was an own goal & even more so because of the clear tug by vidic.
    the ref bottled giving a pen against utd but was quick to give it for them.

    i thought u looked better for the first 20mins but then fulham took over.

    i dont expect utd to take their foot off the pedal at 1-0 but thats what it seemed like u did.

    1 utd player who does worry me is evans. when he 1st came on the scene he looked really solid & confident.

    but since early last yr he has suddently looked very shaky & unconfident.

    he still seems to be playing with a lack of confidence & conviction. i highly rate him which is why im so suprised about his long dip in form.

    im trying to think when this lack of confidence started & the away game to milan springs to mind. the game where they had about 5 chances in the 1st 20mins & evans was all over the place. i remember fergie on the sidelines screaming, shouting & laying into evans who looked a hurt player from that moment on.

    maybe im wrong & have looked way too deeply into his form etc

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