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  • sat-on-our-perch sat-on-our-perch Aug 23, 2010 02:52 Flag

    Chicken run Hernandez, a poor mans Owen

    and there was me thinking he scored against the champions chelsea at wembley on the biggest stage against the biggest club, and we have a goner remarking after their saviour caramac missed the easiest chance he will ever get, and finally scored after playing nearly an hour against 1 centre half after b,pool had given up, and a chelsea fan who says he is slight and not ready, yet the chelsea back 4 conceded against him, short memory there my my my, and after all i said we would beat you.............i told you so and you were nowhere to be seen for 8 days,

    i thought hernandez linked well, looked lively, got into good positions but berba and co went wide when he made the runs, but the players will get to know that, mutv guests remarked on his intelligent play and felt he done well, as did sky commentators, as did i, so slayers remarks mean diddly, after all this is the guy who bet his mortgage last year we would not be in the top 4............................still laughing