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  • Owen Owen Sep 7, 2010 19:24 Flag

    Rooney did what we would all do.

    I don't get waht the fuss is about. he' rich and he meets lots of attractive women(and not so attractive women) and has sex with them. So What? Perks of the job.
    As for his missus. Where would she be if she had not been connected to him? The only choice would have been Netto, Aldi, Asda.
    She should remember her place.

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    • Such a thing as discretion O P in all walks of life. Bit of the old grey matter required especially when you're out the to be shot down. Maybe these mega paid footballers should stay away from marital commitment till they pack in playing.

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      • Rooney did what we would all do?

        No he didn't, because there's no way I'd pay some brass a grand a night for a bit of nookie when I can get it for nothing!

        I guess that's the price Rooney pays for being an ugly fcuker who plays for the most hated football team in the world?

        Put it this way, if he wasn't a wealthy footballer he'd still be trying to pop his cherry.

        At least he went a bit more upmarket this time instead of slipping some fat old granny fifty notes for some slap and tickle action in a council house.