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  • bob b bob b Sep 19, 2010 22:49 Flag

    nani.. what a disgrace

    Two penalties?
    This site is mixed of blindsighted/clueless fans and those who at least try and look objectively.
    The reality is , you ran us ragged first half and we were lucky to only concede one.
    First half liverpool were the better team and aside from berbatovs brilliance we were comfortable.
    As for the Nani comment. Come on surely even some of you diehard united fans must wince at his play acting, and face holding. He had a great game but copuld have been sent off for a second yellow for that dive off agger. But we all know that Webb wouldnt have the balls to make a decision like that at old trafford.
    I though a draw was a fair result personally , but all credit to berbatov for getting all three points.
    Was rooney playing?

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