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  • Layla Layla Sep 19, 2010 22:22 Flag

    nani.. what a disgrace

    fergie needs to have a word with nani.

    his diving, play acting & cheating is a disgrace.

    he should feel so humilated with himself when he re watches his behaviour.

    its players like him who are ruining the game.

    what a fairy. id be emberresed if he played for my team.

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    • I'd be embarrassed if i was as ugly as u, u scraggy turkey neck.

    • The disgrace is that liverpool players were allowed to push and pull utd players in the penalty box without punishment - Vidic was pulled down, Rooney was blocked off and when Berbatov scored his first goal it was despite Torres having his arns all over him. No argument with liverpool`s penalty but the fact is utd should have had at least one possibly two spotkicks.

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      • Two penalties?
        This site is mixed of blindsighted/clueless fans and those who at least try and look objectively.
        The reality is , you ran us ragged first half and we were lucky to only concede one.
        First half liverpool were the better team and aside from berbatovs brilliance we were comfortable.
        As for the Nani comment. Come on surely even some of you diehard united fans must wince at his play acting, and face holding. He had a great game but copuld have been sent off for a second yellow for that dive off agger. But we all know that Webb wouldnt have the balls to make a decision like that at old trafford.
        I though a draw was a fair result personally , but all credit to berbatov for getting all three points.
        Was rooney playing?

    • I agree that his play acting needs cutting out. He frustrates me everytime I see him rolling around like he's been shot at the slightest of touches. He has a lot of talent and there is no need for this silly side of his game.

    • Well said. Nani needs to eradicate the urge to dive from his game. I know it will take time and certainly, a lot of effort, but he has to do it, or it will come back to haunt him like it did Ronnie. It also puts us in a bad light and cause non-supporters to see us as a team of divers/cheats, even though we are actually far from that.

    • I don't think Nani was diving at all.

    • He blatantly dived infront of Agger looking for a penalty late in the game, and while a lot of the times he went down there was some contact, he made a massive meal of them. His play acting like he had been shot with every slight touch he recieved was silly. I like Nani as a player, and I think he had some good moments today, but he has this play acting side to his game similar to how Ronaldo did that needs cutting out.

    • I'd be EMBARRASSED with grammer and spelling like that.

      Yes Nani needs to cut this cr*p out, but there was an incident he got hit in the mouth. Most people who only watch Match of the Day won't realise he had to have stitches in his lip only last week.

      Anyway, it was a good game, for a while I thought we'd be for another draw, thankfully Berba is now starting to show his true quality in Red colours.

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      • Hit in the mouth? Carraghers fingers grazed his face.
        This is exactlly the behaviour I was talking about (and so it seems many united fans). Diving to win a penalty is one thing, Gerrard does it , Torres does it , most players do it. But when he pretends like he has been hit in the face , the purpose is to get his opponent sent off.
        He doesnt need that element in his game, and as someone pointed out it may come back to haunt him ala ronaldo who could get chopped in half towards the end and not recieve a freekick

      • so stitches & pain in his lips means he loses the ability to stand up.

        the more u try to make excuses for his cheating, the more pathetic u look.

    • Then again, you are a slap-head, Ian, even the united faithful, bar Shaolin Monk, agree on that.

    • Nothing to say about Berbatov eh Risker?!


      No one likes to watch players roll around on the floor when they've not been touched, Nani was a disgrace, but we're not going to sit and listen to a immature Spurs slag or a plastic gooner talk about diving, you two have some nerve!

    • Nothing to say about Navy Seals, Christopher?


      What the hell, I'll attempt to have a footballing debate with you, but it'll no doubt end in you blubbering racist remarks with "disciples", Slaphead and Butch, exploring new levels of arse licking.

      Anyway, I am still not convinced about Berbatov. The Utd faithful are about to make the same mistake we did when Walcott scored his outstanding Croatian hat-trick : He'll be hailed as a world beater and will be expected to rise up to new levels of greatness immediately (Of course, lest we forget, the disillusioned fools like you and Slaphead were already calling him "The New Cantona", even though he was shite!) which he won't.

      Berbanot only over performed because he was under pressure. He will not consistently perform like he did today because :

      a) He's Lazy
      b) He has little movement in his game (unless he tries, see point a)
      c) He's not all that good otherwise.
      d) He's old and performs like he's Scholes' age.

      Just my opinion.

      Now to sit back and wait for the laughs.

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